This semester at OBU starts Tu…

This semester at OBU starts Tuesday January 17.  If we are going to put forward SAS 2.0 this semester, we need to identify and recruit 10 new members.  If SAS 2.0 wants to participate in OBU rush in January 2024, we need to get busy about identifying our first 10 members and recruiting them.  Ouachita has six academic divisions, our strategy is to award scholarships to two male students of $100 per semester from each of the 6 divisions.  We could use faculty input in making those determinations.  My OBU degree is in Education.  I will give $400 a year for the education selectees.  Bobby Myers was in the 1976 pledge class.  I was the last person to see him alive and talk to him before his spelunking tragedy.  I would establish another memorial scholarship for him also.  SAS needs 9 other individuals to step up so we can make a big push for quality males in establishing our 10 first members.

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