Sigma Alpha Sigma’s 90th reu…

Sigma Alpha Sigma’s 90th reunion brought many OBU memories back to those who attended, We have the new student life publication, the new club approval process. Dr. John Wink has agreed to be the SAS 2.0 faculty sponsor. His son is a Sigma Alpha Sigma alumni. Our next challenge is identifying and recruiting our first 10 OBU students who want to pursue our dream of SAS 2.0. I know you are busy getting OBU ready for the Spring Semester. I pray that you and the University will be successful in addressing OBU’s vision. Emily, an OBU grad now works at my hearing doctor’s office. She was an EEE. She told me that her best OBU memory was meeting you on the sidewalk, and you would always greet her, “Hello, Emily.” She tells everyone in the hearing office, I went to a college where the President knew my name and he greeted me.

Ouachita is a special place. Since returning to Arkansas in 2010, I have always told new people and old friends that I would meet. “I went to Ouachita. Sigma Alpha Sigma made my Ouachita experience better. Ouachita made my Sigma Alpha Sigma experience better.” My wife graduated from Southwest Baptist and your Dad signed her diploma. Dr. Wheeler in the Education Division always liked when I came down to Bolivar because I always said, “I wasn’t smart enough to go to Southwest Baptist, so I did the next best thing. I married a Bearcat.”

Thank you for your leadership at Ouachita. Respectfully,

Email sent to Dr. Sells about SAS completing new club requirements

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