Dear Michael, Thanks for your …

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your kind words about Emily’s experience at Ouachita; please say “hello” to her for me.

Other Sigma Alpha Sigma alumni have spoken favorably about the 90th reunion and in seven years I’ve met many older graduates who speak positively about their experiences like you do.

Regrettably, the positive experiences you and others had with the club weren’t shared by all, particularly in later years. When Sigma Alpha Sigma was allowed to return to campus several years ago (before I came), alumni and students offered assurances that care would be taken to ensure the club functioned in a manner consistent with the university’s mission and student development guidelines. Those assurances were not met. When problems continued during my early years as president, there was strong recommendations from across campus, people who knew the history well, that the club should be discontinued – and I agreed with them and affirmed the decision.

As much regard I have for you and other SAS alumni, the more recent history of a group with a clear pattern of jeopardizing students’ physical, emotional and academic well-being will not be reconstituted. Please help me know how this can be communicated with alumni.

The Alumni Relations Office is glad to work with SAS for future alumni gatherings.

Kind regards, Ben

Ben Sells, Ph.D.
Ouachita Baptist University
o: 870.245.5401

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